Bagel + Slice (Los Angeles, CA)

This is the restroom at Bagel + Slice, located in Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, CA. There is a single restroom that includes both a toilet and a urinal. It was pretty clean, and there were no other particularly notable features. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and I would visit again. Rating Would I …

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The Aviary (Chicago, IL)

This is the restroom at The Aviary, in Chicago, IL. It is an individual restroom with all the conventional features and amenities. The decor is simple and pleasant, and the restroom was very clean. I highly recommend visiting this one if you have the opportunity (just be careful with the stairs to/from). Rating Would I …

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The Publican (Chicago, IL)

This is the restroom at The Publican. There is a large communal stone sink, but the toilets are located inside individual closets. There is also a small mirror attached to the wall above the toilet in one of the closets. The restroom is clean and has a relaxing atmosphere, and I would definitely visit again. …

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